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Go Mobile!

Take DMEWorks! mobile anywhere out into the field by using a tablet pc
Your delivery person, service tech, respiratory therapist, sales person or clinician can now take DMEWorks! out in the field to a customer’s home. The tablet offers a paperless solution to getting paperwork signed, emailed to the customer, and saved to the customers document images in the system!

State-of-the-Art Billing & Collection Tools

DME billing, claims management, and collections has never been more challenging than it is today.  The task of dealing with Medicare and numerous private insurances, creating and submitting the required paperwork and documentation,  managing insurance denials, and responding to the new age of audits, has added a new levels of complexity to Account Receivable management.  Being able to efficiently and effectively control these functions and collect claims in a timely fashion translates to more time and higher profits.

DMEWorks! billing and collections system streamlines the overall billing process and provides easy state of the art tools from simple electronic transmission of claims and supporting documentation to insurance,  to automatically posting reimbursements, to automation of recurring claims, to managing denials and audits.  These tools aid in creating and maintaining accurate and clean claims.

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Customer Support Staff who understand your business

DMEWORKS! support staff have all worked in DME/HME offices.  Our support staff are not only knowledgeable with respect to DMEWorksbut also with current billing issues and requirements.  Having “been  in your shoes” our support staff can help with billing questions as well as technical issues.  Our support staff are also trainers, they can answer your “training” questions without you having to be sent to a trainer.   DMEWorkscustomers receive a FREE 30 day (from date of installation) Support and Maintenance Contract.  This includes all training videos, support calls, and access to the customer portal and most importantly any software updates.   Make sure to ask your sales representative about the  Support and Maintenance Contract options available.

Other Software Features

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