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Why Switch?

Competitive bidding, the implementation of Obamacare, and the slow economic recovery have all significantly impacted the DME industry and its suppliers. In these challenging economic times, as reimbursements have steadily declined, DMEWorks! has consistently lowered our pricing and fees, keeping them affordable without any increases.

Unlike our competitors, who maintain high pricing and fees and continue to raise them annually, DMEWorks! remains committed to affordability. Our competitors also charge expensive add-on fees for modules and other services that DMEWorks! includes at no extra cost.

These large fees and price hikes have made competitor solutions cost-prohibitive for many DME suppliers. In contrast, DMEWorks! offers a much more affordable and attractive solution.

Make the switch to DMEWorks! today and experience the difference in affordability and value. Join the growing number of DME suppliers who have chosen a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that supports their business during these economic times.

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